January, 2012

Core 1 graphs: all you need to know

Part I: Basic shapes of Core 1 graphs There are a handful of basic shapes of graphs you need to know about for C1, namely: - reciprocal graphs ($y = frac{1}{x}$) - reciprocal-square graphs ($y = frac{1}{x^2}$) - straight line graphs ($y = x$) - you know this one, right?

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Free-for-all Friday

Welcome to the first FFAF of the new year! It's your chance to pick my brain about whatever's on your mind about maths. Got a question you've been struggling with? Got a topic you just can't get your head around? Found a great maths resource I might not have seen?

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Don’t Panic! How to hold off maths anxiety in your exam

I turned over the paper and froze. Up until that point I'd been convinced that maths was, and always would be, easy. As such, I'd done next to no revision for this paper, which I needed to do well in to qualify for my next year of studies. This, I

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What you need to know for Core 1 maths – a checklist

If you're sitting your first AS-level maths modules next week, you're probably in one of two camps about Core 1: The not-worried camp, thinking "I'll just wing it - I understood most of the stuff from last term, so I should be OK" The frenzied panic camp, thinking "oh shit

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