September, 2019

A double tangent

A puzzle via @CmonMattTHINK (Matt Enlow): There is a line that is tangent to the curve y = x^4 - x^3 at two distinct points. What is its equation? (Can you find it without calculus?) #iteachmath #math #maths #mathchat #mathschat — Matt Enlow (@CmonMattTHINK) December 21, 2018 (I think we

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Ask Uncle Colin: A Pair Of Birds

Dear Uncle Colin, I have a little problem. You see, there’s this bird, A, in its nest at time $t=0$ - the nest is at $(20, -17)$ - and it travels with a velocity of $-6\bi + 7\bj$ (in the appropriate units). But there’s another bird, B, whose nest is

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My cunning plan, back last August, was sadly foiled: @christianp refused to rise to the bait. I'd written a post about finding the smallest number such that moving its final digit to the front of the number doubles its value. It turned out, to my surprise, to be 17 digits

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Ask Uncle Colin: Meeting Graphs

Dear Uncle Colin, I’m told that the graphs of the functions $f(x) = x^3 + (a+b)x^2 + 3x -4$ and $g(x) = (x-3)^3 + 1$ touch - and I need to express $a$ in terms of $b$. Can you help? - Can’t Understand Basic Introductory Calculus Hi, CUBIC, and thanks

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Dictionary of Mathematical Eponymy: Ivory’s Theorem

I… I… I… *Looks up Ito’s Lemma* *Reaches for bargepole, then doesn’t touch it.* I… I… I… Oh! It says here, there’s a thing called Ivory’s Theorem1! What is Ivory’s Theorem? Despite the main paper I could find about it calling it “the famous Ivory’s Theorem”, it was fairly tricky

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