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The Dictionary of Mathematical Eponymy: Ackermann’s function

For 2019, I’m trying an experiment: every couple of weeks, writing a post about a mathematical object that a) I don’t know much about and b) is named after somebody. These posts are a trial run – let me know how you find them! The chief use of the Ackermann

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Ask Uncle Colin: Platonic Solids

Dear Uncle Colin, Why are there only five platonic solids? – Pentagons Look Awful. Try Octagons! Hi, PLATO, and thanks for your message! A platonic solid is a three-dimensional shape with the following rules: Each face is the same regular polygon The same number of edges meet at every vertex

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The Maths Behind The Errors In The Maths Behind

I recently had a flurry of correspondence with translators of The Maths Behind (available wherever etc., but also soon in Swedish and Korean): embarrassingly, they had caught several mistakes in the book. These things happen; we try to put them right and move on. However, it got me wondering: can

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Ask Uncle Colin: A Polling Percentage

Dear Uncle Colin I have a percentages problem: I’m told that in an election, 95.74% of the electorate voted for the winning side. What is the minimum possible size of the electorate? – Percentages Often Lack Logic Hi, POLL, and thank you for your message! There are two possible answers

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