Here are some of the testimonials my former and current students have given me:

Great teacher and really helps you out with any problem that you have...try Colin as your tutor and see for yourself!

KS, Berks

I would like to thank Colin for his help and his patience. I would recommend Colin and will also contact him again to help my son with his GCSE.

AM, Berks

Colin is a great maths teacher and has helped me a lot though my A level maths. His lessons are fun but at the same time productive and serious.

AM, Berks

After two weeks of tuition I was able to increase my maths exam result by 30% - and I can't thank Colin enough!

SA, Loughborough University

I still travel home once a week for the sole purpose of having an hour's tuition with Colin. I would recommend Colin to absolutely anybody.

BT, Kings College, London

Colin is patient, lightly humorous and has a wonderful ability to teach each topic in a straightforward and logical way

DW, Berks

Brilliant tutor, always helpful and encouraging, making you enjoy the harder questions rather than not understanding them or giving up.

RC, Bucks

Colin gave H. an immediate boost to her confidence. After 6 sessions she has jumped a grade and we hope to get her up one more!

TR, Bucks

Maths homework evenings have changed from being fraught and miserable to being calm and pleasant. It's a relief to have found Colin!

CA, Berks

Colin was a very good teacher, I learnt more from him in two months than I did in two years at my school.

JD, Berks

I genuinely feel I would have failed my exams without Colin's help.

JK, Berks

Colin brought me into maths with great ease – else, I'm sure I wouldn't have known a thing in my exams.

HG, Bucks

Fantastic. Just amazing how much Colin helped!

DG, Oxon

We had exhausted all other options and a tutor was our last hope. Colin has been wonderful for A., the best money I have ever spent.

JG, Bucks

I came to him struggling a lot in maths and just one session a week was enough to turn things around. Very patient and friendly. The best tutor I've had

SY, Berks

Colin has worked hard to help, been very tolerant, understanding, flexible with timings and conscientious.

BS, Bucks

Colin is a very approachable, patient, down to earth tutor. Highly recommended.

CW, Bucks

The results were immediate, less stress and a much better understanding of the subject.My daughter passed her Maths IGCSE with an A*.

SL, Berks

Colin gave me tremendous confidence when going into my exams. From AS level exams to my A2 exams, Colin enabled me to improve a total of two grades!

JC, Berks

I hadn't done maths since GCSE and so I was struggling with the maths component of my university course. But thanks to Colin's coaching, I got full marks on my last test!

MW, Dundee University

Colin was patient and made the material easier to understand despite the fact that I hadn't taken math in years. I got a great grade too!

MC, Utah State University

I found the classes very helpful because the maths problems I had were broken down into to smaller, simpler pieces, which made it a lot more easy for me to understand.

RB, Oxon

Really helpful and effective in advice and guidance. Worth the hourly rate. Thanks.

AR, Exeter University

I was a bit worried I would get more confused but I didn't. Colin showed me that the things I thought I would never be able to do were easy!

JP, Oxon

Colin is very patient and willing to explain concepts in a number of different ways until the message gets through. Thoroughly recommended!

CC, Bucks

Just one session later he was so much happier… I can 100% recommend Colin, and urge other parents to give their child the opportunity

TP, Oxon

Colin is very patient and calm... We are very pleased to have found him as he has made a considerable difference to our son's confidence in his own ability and self esteem.

PP, Oxon

Colin asked J. what he felt he needed help with and then explained these areas in terms that J. could relate to. Instead of just showing him how, he also explained why.

DP, Oxon

Colin has been excellent. Importantly he has been able to explain things in a clear and concise way recognising her personal needs and pace.

LT, Bucks

We would recommend Colin's tuition to anyone and, once D. starts A-level maths later this year, he will be going back to Colin.

EG, Oxon

J. now realises that he does 'get' maths and it's a pleasure to see.

AW, Berks

Very patient and thorough tutor with great sensitivity. Helped my daughter get a really good result in her GCSE maths. Strongly recommended.

SB, Oxon

I learn more with Colin in an hour than I do all week at school!

VT, Dorset

I didn't think online classes would work, but that was really good!

CC, Berks

Colin has made maths seem easy and do-able - now i approach maths completely differently, and i cant thank Colin enough.

VG, Bucks

Colin has been very patient working with me, and has boosted my confidence in what I can achieve, and helped me improve my grades!

EH, Dorset

My main fear was not passing the exam and you helped me achieve that by helping me understand the problem.

DM, Gloucestershire

When I started theses lessons, I didn't really know what to expect as they are on-line, but they have really helped to improve my confidence throughout Maths as a whole!

RP, Oxon

More help than all of my lessons at school put together - gave me the confidence I needed for the exam!

AK, Dorset

Nothing's ever a problem with Colin he always manages to help you simplify and grasp methods and concepts which may seem difficult at first. Skype lessons are also brilliant. I wasn't sure how good they would be at first but they are really helpful for someone like me who can still access tuition when whilst at uni.

JB, Dorset

After not understanding any of my AS maths, Colin helped build my confidence, taking every topic one at a time. The relaxed working environment is much more enjoyable and makes 2hours of tutor time bearable!

AB, Dorset

I have recommended Colin to two of my friends and will continue to do so. His teaching methods are the best I have had, and his ability to explain problems in different ways has helped me to understand the most tricky parts of my course! Thank You Colin. Sam

ST, Hants

Colin was how you expect your maths teacher to be: patient, confident and knowledgeable, and was able to put my son at ease within the first few minutes and helped him more than any other teacher. I wish he taught other subjects too!

EB, Dorset

I wasn't sure that a lesson over Skype would work as it was so different to having a physical paper and pen and tutor in front of me. However, the lessons were relaxed and really informative. I have already recommended Colin to a lot of my friends as it is really hard to find a Further Maths teacher in North Wales.

IF, Cheshire

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Where do you teach?

I teach in my home in Abbotsbury Road, Weymouth.

It's a 15-minute walk from Weymouth station, and it's on bus routes 3, 8 and X53. On-road parking is available nearby.

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