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An ex-straw-dinarily silly Fermi problem

Everybody sit down. Dominika has an important announcement. So…I have a confession to make. Despite the fact that I write maths comic strips, I’m actually a physicist. Pause for gasps of shock. Yes, terrible, I know. But physics in general has a little gem that I wish more people knew

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This is what you trained for!

(Based on something that actually happened!)  

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The Great Straight Lines debate

* Edited 2016-10-24 to add categories, just for Cav.

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The Maths Police Investigate: For The Love Of God, Make It Stop

The cadets are at it again. Thanks to @dragon_dodo and @FennekLyra. Agent Lyra and Agent Dodo were bored. After several weeks of suspending Gale’s desk in bizarre positions, fencing on the office chairs and sneakily pilfering Beveridge’s ginger beer, they had quite run out of things to do. Draped over

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The Maths Police Investigate: The Beans Of Wrath

This is a guest post, courtesy of @Dragon_Dodo and @FennekLyra. Thanks, Dominika and Eva! It was an unusually quiet morning at the Maths Police HQ. ‘If a mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems, what do you reckon the conversion rate is?’ mused agent Dodo over her morning cup

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The Curse of the Mathematician

Another guest NME cartoon from Dominika.

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Radians (and why they are better than degrees)

The brilliant @dragon_dodo has written a cartoon to explain - as if explanation were needed - of why radians are the correct way to measure angles.

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