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I realised, to my horror, that there was an abject lack of decent A-level maths e-books available for the Kindle, so I set to work putting that right. You have a choice of:

20 Questions on EdExcel Core 1 Maths: a complete overview of the C1 maths course.

20 Questions on EdExcel Core 2 Maths: Logarithms: Everything you need to know about dealing with C2 logs.

20 Questions on EdExcel Core 3 Maths: Trigonometry: All that stuff about $\sin$ and $\cos$ and $\sec$ and what-have-you.

20 Questions on EdExcel Core 4 Maths: Integration: A wide-ranging masterclass, taking you from integrating powers to solving differential equations.

4 comments on “20 Questions on…

  • Henry Bailey

    I think your ebooks of 20 Questions on Edexcel C1, C2 and C3 are great!! Any chance they are available on paper or any other form apart from kindle?

    Thank you!

    • Colin

      Glad you like them, Henry! I don’t have immediate plans for print versions, I’m afraid – but possibly in the future.

  • Samuel Gibbs

    Do the e books cover all the topics, e.g. it says that the C2 book is about logs, but does it talk about the other stuff in C2. The guides look great but i just wanted to clarify 🙂

    • Colin

      Hi, Sam, thanks for your question!

      The Core 1 book covers all of the topics, but the other books focus on one specific topic in each module – so the logs book is just about logs, and the integration book is just about integration. Hope that clears it up

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