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The Little Algebra Book

The Little Algebra Book

by Stuart and Colin Beveridge

The Little Algebra Book is a short, colourful and beautiful introduction to basic linear algebra. Written by Colin and designed by his brother, Stuart (an award-winning designer at The Chase in Manchester), it can be yours for just £3.70 (if you're in the UK) or £4.75 (rest of the world), including postage.

n mathematical quotations (where n ~ 100)

n mathematical quotations (where n ~ 100) (e-book)

collected by Colin Beveridge

From Goethe having a go at the French to Neil Armstrong whipping up a nerd-frenzy, people have been saying witty and thought-provoking things about maths since the year dot. I've collected more than 100 of these and turned them into an e-book for your reading pleasure. It's about £3 for the Kindle.

Secret Agent Impala The Koala

Glorious Resolution of Forces in Equilibrium (e-book)

(I could tell you who wrote it but then I'd have to kill you)

Need to figure out how to resolve forces so you can rock your Mechanics 1 exam? You'd better get hold of this before the Russians figure out what's going on. You can pay what you like for it.

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