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Random number tables

I challenge you to write an interesting blog post about random number tables — Jo Morgan (@mathsjem) June 28, 2017 If you flick to the back of an old A-level formula sheets, you might spot a list of random digits like this one from an MEI book: Why on earth

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A New Year’s Resolution: Diversity

Yes I count how many women's voices I hear in your podcast. — Rose Eveleth ▷▷ (@roseveleth) October 31, 2017 So do we. We are aware of, and unhappy about, the predominance of heterosexual, cisgendered white men in mathematics, and we want to play a part in addressing that. Since

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An unexpected connection

You want to know one of my favourite things about maths? It's the connections. Connections between things that don't, on the face of it, seem remotely connected. One just cropped up, and made me grin from ear to ear, so I thought I'd share it with you. The Parker Square

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Revisiting some missing solutions

"You know how you're always putting things like 'just to keep @RealityMinus3 happy' in your posts?" "Of course, sensei!" "Well... you remember that post about missing solutions in a trig problem?" "Ut-oh." What follows is a guest post by Elizabeth A. Williams, who is @RealityMinus3 in real life. This thing

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Sum summary: update

This is a rolling update post for responses to this morning's post. The Admirable Adam Atkinson has emailed to suggest an answer I hadn't considered: 100. "I could imagine many programming languages would say 100. You start with the first term, 100. discover that the "next" number, 101, is outside

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A Summary Of Some Summery Summation

"Counting is hard. This is what I keep saying." - @realityminus3 It all stemmed from an arithmetic series problem with a known sum, but an unknown number of terms. As these things are prone to do, it led to a quadratic equation; as those things are prone to do, that

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Some charitable suggestions

Some charitable suggestions Hello! I'm going to be a bit more personal than usual with this post; it's Boxing Day and in the spirit of goodwill to all, I wanted to highlight some of my favourite charities. As you know, the Flying Colours Maths blog is absolutely free of charge,

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Maths and mental health: dealing with panic

Big disclaimer here: I'm not a mental health professional. I'm someone who has suffered from anxiety and depression. If you are experiencing regular panic attacks, or struggling with depression, please seek medical help. I endured many years of misery because I was too stubborn to go to a doctor or

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Factorise or factor?

@onthisdayinmath asks: Is it just me or has "factorise" (with s or z) suddenly become much more common term for "to factor" recently? Before I went to America, I had never seen factor used as a verb, at least in a mathematical context: you don't ration a denominator, so why

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A student asks: why do you love maths so much?

A question I don't remember ever having been asked before: Why do you love maths so much? It's a really hard question to answer - if you asked someone why they like music or football, they'd probably shrug and say 'I just do!' There are loads of things I love

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