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Revisiting Minesweeper

Many moons ago, I looked into the game theory of Minesweeper, and - in particular, what you should do in this situation: I think I got my probabilities wrong there, and want to put that right. If you want to work out the correct move (and associated probabilities), you should

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Maths, Magnus Carlsen, and Making Decisions

An emergency blog post about chess, of which I know nothing. This is not meant as serious analysis; think of it more as “here are some topical maths ideas you can throw at your classes.” So, I looked up the Elo ratings for the chess world championship players: in rapid

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Five things Mo Farah can teach you about maths (and other things too)

OK, I'll admit it. I have a bit of a man-crush on Mo Farah. However, I'm going to sully the purity of my man-love for super-Mo by cashing in on his success with a list post. 1. Train hard, race easy After his victory in the Olympic 5,000 metres final,

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A question to which I don't know the answer: how to pick a parking space.

From time to time, I come across a problem that has me scratching my head. In a good way. I like brain-teasers. Sometimes I solve them, sometimes I don't. This is one that I haven't solved -- but I wanted to share the thought process that goes into modelling the

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