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The Sneakiest Integral I’ve Ever Done

Once upon a time1, @dragon_dodo asked me to help with: $\int_{- \piby 2}^{\piby 2} \frac{1}{2007^x+1} \frac{\sin^{2008}(x)}{\sin^{2008}(x)+\cos^{2008}(x)} \dx$. Heaven - or the other place - only knows where she got that thing from. Where do you even begin? My usual approach when I don't know where to start is to start

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An ex-straw-dinarily silly Fermi problem

Everybody sit down. Dominika has an important announcement. So…I have a confession to make. Despite the fact that I write maths comic strips, I’m actually a physicist. Pause for gasps of shock. Yes, terrible, I know. But physics in general has a little gem that I wish more people knew

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Book review: Passion For Science

Fittingly, I'm sitting down to write this review while Google celebrates the 107th birthday of Grace Hopper - one of the first computer programmers, and - reputedly - the first person to debug a computer (by removing a moth from a vacuum tube). She wasn't the first computer programmer, though;

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A Co-Proof of the Birthday Problem

“[In this context] Co- just means ‘opposite’ — so a co-mathematician is a machine for turning theorems into ffee.” — Miles () Matt Parker () laid down a challenge on Day 1 of the MathsJam conference: he said that proof by MathsJam was acceptable, because if it wasn’t true, you

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Quotable maths: Armstrong

RIP, Neil Armstrong (1930-2012).

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Reverse engineering your prime birthday

If you follow the great big geeks on twitter - and , I'm looking at you - you'll have seen bits and pieces of discussion about prime birthdays. How to find your next prime birthday It's your prime birthday if you've been alive for a number of days that happens

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