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On the obelus

Recently, @solvemymaths asked the rather leading question: is there a convincing argument for ever using the obelus (÷) for division rather than fractional notation? In my mind it makes things harder — solve my maths (@solvemymaths) June 16, 2017 As with pretty much all mathematical notation questions, I have exactly

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Maths: You’ve got it all wrong

A guest post, today, from someone who's almost as angry as the Mathematical Ninja. Bletchley Park's Education Officer Tom Briggs is mad as hell, and he's not going to take it any more. I'm not a maths teacher any more1 but I still find myself having those same old conversations...

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Another Facebook Question (Which I Only Sort Of Answer)

If you ever bother to run a search for 'basic maths' on twitter - something you may not generally do, as you're probably not the author of a book called 'Basic Maths For Dummies' - you'll find the breakdown of tweets looks something like this: 47%: Teenagers complaining that they

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The Elements of Mathematical Style (Version 0.1)

This is a guide for A-level students on how to look like you know what you’re doing. Some of it’s common sense, some of it’s arbitrary (I’m willing to argue the toss before over-ruling you). Please feel free to add ideas, suggestions and criticism as comments! If you leave your

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