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The Roulette Wheel and its Distributions

You don't see many run-down, out-of-business casinos, which should serve as a tip-off: almost nobody beats the house in the long run. In this article, I'll show you - using the binomial distribution and the normal distribution - why that is. Sure, you might get a few people who come

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The Law of Inverse Ninjas

Million-to-one shots come up nine times out of ten. - Terry Pratchett While researching rules for ninjas to live by (don't ask), I came across a mathematical phenomenon I'd never noticed noticing. It's this: The Law of Inverse Ninjas: The probability of a group of ninjas winning a battle in

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Aces in the pack

Today's big question is about poker. For some reason, statistics books shy away from gambling, reasoning that it's somehow harmful or evil. It's true, it can be addictive (although so can, for instance, using the computer or reading books) but it's actually the whole reason statistics exists. (This Italian lad,

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