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Tactical Voting

As a progressively more adamant Europhile, I was pleased to learn that the UK would take part in next month’s European Parliament elections1. As an amateur psephologist, I was delighted. Rather glibly, I responded to someone asking whether one needed to vote tactictally in these elections by saying “no, it’s

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Ask Uncle Colin: Don’t be daunted by D’Hondt?

Dear Uncle Colin, Up here in Scotland, we've got an election tomorrow. It's not as simple as the stupid first past the post elections you have down there in England, but even with our superior Scottish intelligence, some people are still struggling to understand how the system works. Do you

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The Maths Police Investigate: IndyRef edition

Gale surveyed the destruction with a face somewhere between disgust and admiration. Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer wrappers strewn across the room. A smell of haggis in the air. Bottles of whisky, half-drunk. Constable Beveridge… well, you wouldn’t say half-drunk. “You were up watching the referendum results last night, weren’t you?” Beveridge

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Tactical preference voting

One of the OTHER things I love about MathsJam is that I always come away with a notebook full of new ideas for posts. Most of them are indecipherable, but some stick in the mind. This one is based on a real-life dilemma posed by a friend of Elizabeth, which

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Why AV is bad (for the BNP)

I don't think that the benefit to one party or another is a valid reason to pick a voting system - but one of the features of AV is that it tends to select the least objectionable candidate. Here's a simplified example. Let's imagine we have four candidates contesting a

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