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C4 Integration Quiz (tough stuff)

Here's a quick multiple-choice quiz about the tough stuff in C4 integration. Ready?1 Question 1: squared trig functions What method do you use to calculate $\int \sin^2(x) dx$? (Give me all four answers!) a) Parts ($u = \sin(x),~v'=\sin(x)$) b) Trig substitution ($u=\cos(2x)$) c) Split-angle formula ($\sin(A)\sin(B) = d) Parts ($u

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Logarithms revision quiz

You know the drill by now: answer some questions, see if you know your stuff. Just five questions this week.

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Co-ordinate battleships

A slight change of pace this week: a game rather than a quiz. Can you sink the enemy ships by firing at the right co-ordinates? (If the grid doesn't show up, try refreshing.)         Your guess:    

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