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Ask Uncle Colin: How do I prove I’ve revised?

Dear Uncle Colin, I have to revise for an upcoming test -- and my teacher is demanding proof! What's the best way to convince my teacher I've revised? -- Totally Evidence-based Study Time Hello, TEST - great question! Depending on the kind of test, you have several options that leave

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Ask Uncle Colin: How can I beat my little sister?

Dear Uncle Colin I'm in year 9 and really annoyed: my little sister keeps beating me in maths tests! I've only ever beaten her once, and even then only by one point. It's shameful! I always do the exercises in the book and work really hard at revising, but I

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The Last Minute GCSE Revision Checklist

On Twitter, @tessmaths asks: What's the thing you will do in the last lesson before GCSE maths exam this week? #mathsTLP — Tess Maths (@tessmaths) May 31, 2015 ... which is such a good question, it would be rude not to answer. Here's what I'll be doing with my GCSE

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Using flashcards effectively

A student asks: What's the best way to use flashcards for revision? Flashcards are very popular in the USA, but have never really taken off over here. Any student with an exam to study for has a large stack of things they're trying to learn: a question on one side,

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My mocks were a disaster – what now?

A reader asks: I got an E in my mocks, but the universities I plan to apply for need at least a B - what do I do? PANIC! Next question. What's that? Oh, OK. The Ninja says I have to write a proper answer. And if the Ninja says

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A student asks: how do I revise in a hurry?

A question from a student: I am sitting my Higher Tier GCSE exam on Monday and I have tried every way to revise but it just doesn't stay in my head! While I am reading the method, I just don't seem to understand it - it feels like i am

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Using Anki to learn and revise

There's a constant refrain in the Flying Maths Classroom, these days, of "I can't quite remember..." Whether it's a trig identity or $21 \div 7$, the outbreak of amnesia in the quiet suburbs of Weymouth seems close to epidemic proportions. What can one tutor do, faced with an unstoppable tide

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How can I avoid mistakes?

A reader asks: I keep dropping marks in tests by making silly mistakes. Is that something I just have to get used to? Great question! I have, in a box of ancient relics upstairs, one of my GCSE mock papers. On the front of it is the number "100", scribbled

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Nine ways to revise for the GCSE Calculator paper

A student asks: Hi, I am struggling with trying to revise for my GCSE maths calculator mock… I was wondering if you could give a few tips on how to revise for this exam in particular. There's a commonly-held belief that the calculator paper is easier than the non-calc one,

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