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Scheduling a Scrabble tournament

Once upon a time, there was a Scrabble tournament. Sixteen of the county's greatest Scrabbleologists descended on the venue... only to find the organiser had lost the fixture list. What the organise could remember was this: there were five rounds, and each player played each of the others exactly once.

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Last-ditch begging: sponsor me. Please?

Hey! By the time this goes live, I'll be in Germany, making final preparations to run the 40th BMW Berlin Marathon. I've been in training for the last six months, and who knows? Maybe I'll make it all the way around the 42,000 metre course. Mo Farah, eat your heart

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Billy Beane: Lives of the Mathematical Ninja

Unusually for a Mathematical Ninja, Billy Beane isn't a mathematician. Nor is he dead. He's a baseball manager. Now, I don't know one end of a baseball stick from another, so this will be strewn with errors: one thing I do know, thought, is that if I was a baseball

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Five things Mo Farah can teach you about maths (and other things too)

OK, I'll admit it. I have a bit of a man-crush on Mo Farah. However, I'm going to sully the purity of my man-love for super-Mo by cashing in on his success with a list post. 1. Train hard, race easy After his victory in the Olympic 5,000 metres final,

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The maths of the decathlon

While I'm quite steadfastly refusing to be swept along with either Olympics fever or anti-games grumbling, I stumbled across the Wikipedia page for the decathlon in a moment of nostalgia for my 1980s childhood tapping the keys of the ZX Spectrum - a system that was kind of like an

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In praise of… watching football tournaments at exam time

or, why we need to show exams the red card Oh, Jesus wept. A study shows that in even years - when there's meaningful international football in the summer - boys' exam performances drop. The authors suggest starting the exams earlier so as not to disadvantage football-watchers. Let's leave aside

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