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Middle children

At an academic conference; 22 people in the room. Speaker asks who is a middle child. There is only one in the entire group - him. Striking (if anecdotal) confirmation of stereotypes about birth order. — Leigh Caldwell (@leighblue) December 14, 2018 As a loyal listener to More or Less,

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Picking a station

There's a lot of dead time to fill up when you're covering the Boat Race. Once you've interviewed one gaggle of inebriated revellers from each of the two universities, you've interviewed them all. Once you've explained that the best strategy is to go faster than the other boat, there's not

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Statistics and the court of law

"He's not Judge Judy and executioner!" - Danny Butterman, Hot Fuzz There's a reason statistical experiments are sometimes called trials: they take up a lot of time and are pretty much the epitome of suffering. What's that? Oh, sorry. No, apparently, it's because they're very similar to a court case.

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