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A talk! A talk!

I'm not doing a proper blog post today because it's the summer and I'm a lazy sod. Instead, I'm going to point you towards Edinburgh, where I'll be on Thursday to give a talk about probability to the Edinburgh Skeptics. It will mention Stigler's Law of Eponymy quite a lot.

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Alice in Wonderland talk in Weymouth, December 15th

I'm very happy to be able to reprise my talk about the Curious Maths of Alice in Wonderland at Imagine Books on Saturday, December 15th at 1pm. Here's the abstract: "Whatever good meanings are in the book, I'm glad to accept as the meaning of the book." - Lewis Carroll

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A Co-Proof of the Birthday Problem

“[In this context] Co- just means ‘opposite’ — so a co-mathematician is a machine for turning theorems into ffee.” — Miles () Matt Parker () laid down a challenge on Day 1 of the MathsJam conference: he said that proof by MathsJam was acceptable, because if it wasn’t true, you

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Wimborne Literary Festival: Uglification and Derision

Ooh, a rare out-of-sequence snippet! I'm thrilled to announce I'll be talking at the Wimborne Literary Festival on "Uglification and Derision: the curious maths of Alice in Wonderland". More details will follow. Meanwhile, one of the nice things about having a 'B' name is that I look like I'm topping

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Where do you teach?

I teach in my home in Abbotsbury Road, Weymouth.

It's a 15-minute walk from Weymouth station, and it's on bus routes 3, 8 and X53. On-road parking is available nearby.

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