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Attack of the Mathematical Zombies: Calc vs non-calc

Another horde of zombies lumbered into view. "What are they saying?" asked the first, readying the shotgun as he'd done a hundred times before. "Something about the calculator exam," said the second. "It's hard to make out." He pulled some spare shells from his bag. "Calculator papers are easier!" groaned

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Attack of the Mathematical Zombies: $1=2$

"One equals two" growled the mass of zombies in the distance. "One equals two." The first put down the shotgun. "I've got this one," he said, picking up the megaphone. "If you're sure," said the second. "I'M SURE." The second covered his ears. "SORRY. I mean, sorry." The first redirected

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Mathematical Zombie: the sticks and crossings method

"Where are they all coming from?" asked the first. "Facebook, mainly," said the second. "Usually with a slick video showing how to multiply 321 by 13 using only a few diagonal lines." "Gah," said the second. A few hollow voices chanted "4 1 7 3". "It's not that it's a

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Attack of the Mathematical Zombies: Five excuses that need a bullet to the head

"Where are they all coming from?" said the first, cocking the shotgun. "I don't know," said the second, "but I hope you're a good shot." "We haven't covered this yet." The first zombie lumbered into view, only instead of mindlessly saying "brains!", it mindlessly said "We haven't covered this yet."

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The Attack of the Mathematical Zombie: $(a+b)^2$

An occasional series highlighting common errors that refuse to die. “It just… won’t stay dead!” he said, as the Mathematical Zombie moved closer. “$(a+b)^2 = a^2 + b^2$”, it said. “Brains! $(a+b)^2 = a^2 + b^2$.” “But… it doesn’t!” he said. “You have to multiply out the brackets!” “$(a+b)^2 =

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