Flying Colours Maths provides many customised consultancy services in business, education and writing


Mathematical consultancy: Maybe you've got a quick problem with your numbers that nobody can seem to get to the bottom of, or perhaps you need a bespoke Excel solution - stat! If so, I'm at your service.

Miracles: When you're up against the clock, your work Needs To Get Done, and no-one else can help... call me. If it's a problem I can help with, I'll drop everything and move mountains for you.

Call Colin on 07796 430 862 for details of my business services


Articles and books: Translating maths into less complex English is what I do. If you need an article or book explaining some aspect of maths to a lay audience, I'll be glad to discuss it with you.

Technical writing: One of the strengths of a good mathematician is the ability to break a problem down into smaller, less difficult steps. Writing something like Basic Maths For Dummies may not be advanced maths, but it has a lot in common with writing manuals and instructions. Whenever it comes to technical maths writing, the emphasis is on completeness, clarity and explicit instructions.

If you need technical writing that people enjoy AND understand, give me a call at 07796 430 862 and let's discuss.


Project review: You've written a project, but you're worried there's something missing? You need a pair of knowledgeable eyes to go over it and give you feedback?* That's what I'm here for. Give me a call - I'd be happy to make sure your project is picture perfect.

Marking and feedback: Your test has come back covered in red ink and no explanation of what you did right and wrong? You're frustrated, demoralised or confused? For a small fee, I'll run through your work and give you detailed feedback on what you've done right, and where you can improve.

Model answers: You're just Stuck on one big question and the answer in the book makes no sense? I'll work it through for you with detailed notes on how I decided what to do when*.

Call Colin on 07796 430 862 for details of my writing services

* Just to be clear: I won't do your homework for you. If I suspect you're trying to subcontract your work, I'll be sure to mention it to your head of department. Tough love, but I want you to understand maths - not just 'get it done'.

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Where do you teach?

I teach in my home in Abbotsbury Road, Weymouth.

It's a 15-minute walk from Weymouth station, and it's on bus routes 3, 8 and X53. On-road parking is available nearby.

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