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Maybe you're studying for your A-levels, or struggling with a university course, or going back to school to earn a numeracy qualification. Whatever level you're working at, I'm here to help you succeed with calm, supportive and friendly maths classes.

I've been a full-time maths tutor since 2008 and helped hundreds of students get over their fears and get to grips with maths.

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I'm the author of a several maths books, including the UK Maths For Dummies titles and a range of A-level e-books answering the big questions about the big topics.

I also write the Flying Colours Maths Blog, which gives all sorts of insights into the mathematical mind -- from the Secrets of the Mathematical Ninja to maths quotations.

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Whether you need a detailed solution to a mathematical problem, a custom Excel spreadsheet to solve a persistent issue, or need some technical maths translated into plainer English, I offer a wide and flexible range of consulting services to make your maths headaches vanish - fast.

If you need a maths miracle, call me on 07796 430 862.

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Ask Uncle Colin: another vile limit

March 8, 2017

Ask Uncle Colin is a chance to ask your burning, possibly embarrassing, maths questions -- and to show off your skills at coming up with clever acronyms. Send your questions to colin@flyingcoloursmaths.co.uk and Uncle Colin will do what he can.

Dear Uncle Colin, Apparently, you can use L'Hôpital's rule to find the limit of $\left(\tan(x)\right)^x$ as $x$ goes to 0 – but I can't see how! – Fractions Required, Example Given Excepted Hi, FREGE, and thanks for your question! As it stands, you can't use L'Hôpital – but you can adjust it so you can! Read more…

Mathematical Quotes

About Colin Beveridge, maths tutor in Weymouth, Dorset

Colin Beveridge, Maths tutor in Weymouth, Dorset and online

Colin Beveridge
Maths tutor and author in Weymouth, Dorset and online

There's nothing quite like a 'lightbulb moment' when a student suddenly says "Oh! That's easy!" and we both know they understand.


Hi! I'm Colin.

I've been a maths tutor on and off since I was in high school - originally for family and friends, then more formally at university and as a researcher. When I left academia in 2008, it was an obvious way to make ends meet while I looked for a 'proper job' - but I soon found that teaching maths was far more enjoyable than real work.

My approach to maths tutoring

If you want to learn maths, I'll help you.

It's fine to forget stuff, it's fine to ask questions - even if you forget how to count, I'll still help you. As long as you put the work in, you'll do well.

One of the benefits of one-to-one maths tutoring is that I can take the time to find the root cause of an issue and help to put it right - and sometimes that means going back to the basics. There's no shame in that - if something needs fixing, we should fix it.

These days, I teach mainly:

  • University-level maths, and maths for scientists
  • A-level maths, and the mathematical parts of other subjects
  • Adult numeracy and QTS test preparation

I'm afraid I have very limited availability for GCSE students, and unfortunately I can't currently take on students below Year 11.

One-to-one lessons at my classroom in Weymouth start at £45 per hour. I also offer individual maths classes over Skype using an online whiteboard.

To book a lesson, please call me on 07796 430 862 or email colin@flyingcoloursmaths.co.uk with your details, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Mathematical Writing

My first published book, Basic Maths For Dummies, came out in August 2011, and is in bookstores across the country and online. I'm also the author of several other maths books in the For Dummies series and a number of e-books aimed at simplifying A-level maths. To learn more about my maths books, click here.

Maths Services

When your kitchen floods, you call a plumber.

When your Large Hadron Collider breaks, you call a quantum mechanic.

And when you have a mathematical crisis, you call me on 07796 430 862.

If it's something I can help with, I'll move heaven and earth to get it put right. If it's something I cannot help with, chances are that I can put you in touch with someone who can.

Media and schools

I'm delighted to talk to media outlets from school newspapers to worldwide conglomerates about any aspect of maths. Give me a call on 07796 430 862 and we'll figure something out.

If you'd like me to write you an article, just email me on colin@flyingcoloursmaths.co.uk.

And if you'd like me to give a talk, that can also be arranged (depending on my schedule).


I studied Maths with French at the University of St Andrews (I graduated with a 2:1 in 2000) and went on to do a PhD there, which I finished in 2003. I then spent four years as a physics researcher at Montana State University - I studied the structure of magnetic fields around the Sun and how they might store energy for release in solar flares. My main contribution to science was a simple equation that about six people worldwide will ever have a use for, but I can at least say I have an equation named after me.

That was one of the reasons I left - what I was doing wasn't really helping anyone apart from me and my boss. As a maths tutor, I feel like I'm making a genuine, positive difference to students' lives. There's nothing quite like a 'lightbulb moment' when a student suddenly says "Oh! That's easy!" and we both know they understand.

Baby Bill, taking after his dad.

Baby Bill, taking after his dad.

It's also nice to be my own boss.


When I'm not teaching, I'm mainly looking after Baby Bill.

In what little free time I have left, I play some music - I'm a keen singer/songwriter and am currently trying to learn to play the mandolin. I'm also a reluctant runner (I completed the Berlin Marathon in 2013... never again!), and I mess about on the computer when I get the chance.

Where do you teach?

I teach in my home in Abbotsbury Road, Weymouth.

It's a 15-minute walk from Weymouth station, and it's on bus routes 3, 8 and X53. On-road parking is available nearby.

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