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I don't just teach, you know. As part of my mission of bringing maths joy to as many people as possible, I also write extensively about maths.

There's the Flying Colours Maths Blog of course, where I guide you through the Secrets of the Mathematical Ninja; give you pro tips about acing A-level maths; throw out my favourite mathematical quotations and invite you to ask me questions. Check it out!

I'm also the author of several maths books, which you can get hold of below:

For Dummies maths books

Basic Maths For Dummies

Basic Maths For Dummies

by Colin Beveridge

Whether you're trying to get your maths skills up to scratch for your own enjoyment, to pass an exam or to help your kids with their homework, Basic Maths For Dummies guides you through the tricks of the trade and helps you overcome the fear of maths.

The RRP is £15.99, but you can (at the time of writing) pick up a copy on Amazon for £11.19. Colin will try not to think how much of that comes out of his cut.

Numeracy Tests For Dummies

Numeracy Tests For Dummies

by Colin Beveridge

If you're studying for a numeracy test, this book is for you. It takes you through the maths you need to know, tips on how to organise yourself and keep calm, and all kinds of tests and worked examples. You'll love it!

The RRP for Numeracy Tests For Dummies is £9.99, but you can currently get your copy for just £7.49 at Amazon.

Other Maths Books

The Little Algebra Book

The Little Algebra Book

by Stuart and Colin Beveridge

The Little Algebra Book is a short, colourful and beautiful introduction to basic linear algebra. Written by Colin and designed by his brother, Stuart (an award-winning designer at The Chase in Manchester), it can be yours for just £3.70 (if you're in the UK) or £4.75 (rest of the world), including postage.

Secret Agent Impala The Koala

Glorious Resolution of Forces in Equilibrium

(I could tell you who wrote it but then I'd have to kill you)

Need to figure out how to resolve forces so you can rock your Mechanics 1 exam? You'd better get hold of this before the Russians figure out what's going on.

2 comments on “Maths Books And Writing

  • Amaure Diaz

    Hi There , I’m a math enthusiasts who loves discovering the complexity and beauty of the world through maths. My formation in match is in thr Field of engineering but I would really like to extend it to others topics not for work but for Joey. I learned about you in Quebec,CA since I bought your book ” le bible des mathématiques ” originally cracking maths. I would like you to recommend me an another book of yours of another math author. I liked very much that book but I’ll prefer another more learning envisioned. I’m not talking about how to integrate or derivate, something that challenge my interest and would make me smile while reading it. Thanks a lot in advance

    • Colin

      Salut, Amaure!

      My next book is called The Maths Behind… and will be out in September 2017 (hopefully). For general-interest maths books, I’d recommend Alex Bellos’s Here’s Looking at Euclid and Matt Parker’s Things To Make And Do In The Fourth Dimension.

      Thanks for your message – and I hope the translation was passable :o)

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