It is good to receive tips and articles from FlyingColoursMaths in email.  Well, I have been a learner in maths.  You seem to be very well educated in maths and have a lot of good ideas about learning or teaching basic maths.  May I ask you a few questions in maths?  I’m interested in learning about how to write equations in maths in a computer at the moment.  And I think I’d like to know about good softwares to write graphic formulas and geometrical figures, too.  Do you have any advice or suggestion about them?  Also, I have gotten iPad recently.  Is it possible to buy your book from Apple store?  Do you know about good apps for basic maths to recommend to use on iPad?

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P.S.  btw, [Redacted] is just one of names that i’d like to use on the internet..  laughs.

I was this close to ditching this message as spam (please, if you’re going to email me, at least make a token effort to sound like a human) but, well, I’m always on the lookout for material and these looked like good questions to answer.

How to write maths equations on a computer

If you’re word-processing, Microsoft Word and LibreOffice both have equation editors built in. In Word, you go to Insert->Equation and have at it.

If you’re using wordpress, there are at least two solutions: I use a plugin called WP Math Publisher, which is a bit clunky and slightly limited; the big boys normally use MathJAX, which is a bit harder to set up but a bit easier to use once it’s up.

Edit (2014-09-21): I now use MathJax exclusively, having found a plugin that makes it easy (Simple MathJax). I’ve recently heard tell of the Khan Academy’s KaTeX package, but haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.

The really big boys use LaTeX. That’s not for the faint-hearted.

Software to write graphic formulas and geometrical figures

As far as I know, there’s only one game in town here, GeoGebra. I’ve tried it and found it to be a bit unintuitive (one day I’ll sit down and learn to use it properly) but it’s available on pretty much any platform you could want.

Edit (2014-09-21): I can also recommend Desmos for quick-and-dirty graphs in your browser.

Is your book available from the Apple Store, and are there good Basic Maths apps for the iPad?

I don’t believe my book is at the Apple Store (but you can buy it from all other good booksellers!); as for iPad apps, I’ll need to throw that open to the readers. I’m not aware of any, but I do like the sumdog website – does that work for iPad?

Edited 2014-09-21 to fix several broken links.