Dear Uncle Colin,

I know you don’t ask for any money for your incessant blogging, and I’ve already bought Cracking Mathematics and The Maths Behind - how can I possibly repay you for your work?

- Charities Helping Resist Inequality, Serving To Massively Ameliorate Society

Hi, CHRISTMAS, and thanks for your totally real message!

I’ve picked out three major charities I’d like to offer support to this year:

  • We shouldn’t need foodbanks in this country, but evidently we do. If you give to the Trussell Trust, you’ll help feed people who need help.
  • A family friend was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The MS Society supports research into the disease, helps sufferers and their families, and leads education campaigns. Send a few quid their way.
  • I don’t like First Past The Post, no matter which government it returns. Support the Electoral Reform Society if you’d like all votes to be worth the same.

Hope that helps - and have an excellent Christmas!

- Uncle Colin

* Edited 2019-12-28 to fix the acronym.