“It is like a cave that seemed to be absolutely sparkling with jewels. Maths glittered like a Christmas tree at me.”

- Amanda Spielman, at the Education Select Committee, October 30th 2017

What an image. What an image. Caves are dark, and cold, and slightly frightening, but buried deep within, all sorts of treasure and adventure.

It can be a slog, finding your way through a cave. Maybe it’s uncomfortable. Maybe you feel like giving up and turning back. Maybe there are passages you just can’t squeeze through, so you have to step back and try another way.

And then, when all seems lost, you discover something. You wonder if it’s real. But you discovered it.

Maybe you learned something about yourself on the way.

Maybe you come out of the cave stronger, sharper, brighter.

Whatever your customs and celebrations at this time of year, I wish you light if times are dark, I wish you comfort if times are difficult, and I wish you peace and love.

Now go and find yourself some jewels.