A couple of months ago, I asked about this plot, and promptly forgot about it.

This wasn’t a great What’s My Plot, in honesty. The broad class of thing was far too easy to recognise, but the specific thing far too hard.

I think the best response was by @realityminus3:

Astrophotography of distant galaxy on nine occasions (three of which feature lens cap mishaps)

A postcard is on its way.

Honourable mentions to @tpfto (“Those look awfully like plots of two-dimensional distributions”) and @ashwinvis (“Correlation between two 2nd order symmetric tensors?”), both on Mathstodon.

What it was

  • I split the text of Moby-Dick up into roughly-tweet-sized messages
  • I counted how many times each bigram, trigram and quadgram of letters occurred
  • I calculated the implied log-probability of the bigrams, trigrams and quadgrams in each message
  • I binned the results from each and made a contour plot of how the various n-gram probabilities correlate.

Can’t believe nobody got it, tbh.

Stay tuned for another episode of What’s My Plot? at some future point!

* Thanks to my good friend Matt for reminding me I hadn’t given an answer to this!