In this month’s action-packed podcast:

  • Number of the podcast: 381,654,729, the only zero-less pandigital number such that the number formed by the first $n$ digits is divisible by $n$
  • This is Episode 24, so next month is our second anniversary. If you have any audio clips for us to include, we’ll do our best to splice them in next time!
  • We give loyal listener @notonlyahatrack a hard time for nominating a different podcast for a Shorty before us (and thanks to @dragondodo for just nominating us)
  • A $\pi$-day humbug in which Dave discovers $\pi=5$ and Colin plugs his forthcoming book (The Maths Bible) while forgetting how to say Halley (rhymes with valley).
  • Dave concedes that the Maths Bible sounds like a pretty cool idea, and will likely go straight down to his local bookshop to acquire a copy.
  • Dave has a new car and marvels at how car parks now have negative-numbered floors.
  • Colin messes up in introducing @samuel_hansen: he should have said “Abel prize-nominated podcasting legend Samuel Hansen”. He apologises for the error. Sam has new podcasts, some of which may be as good as Wrong, But Useful.
  • “You’ve never seen the maths GCSE looking like this before”, says @maths_master (Will Emeny). Arithmetic is important, kids.
  • Answers to last episode’s puzzle: $\sqrt{a^a}=\sqrt[a]{a}$ if $a = 1$ or $a = \pm \sqrt{2}$ - several stars to hand out in audio format!
  • Dave invites you to put symbols into “0 0 0 = 6” to make it true, and for its friends “1 1 1 = 6” all the way up to “9 9 9 = 6”.

Join us next month for Episode $n+1$ of Wrong, But Useful!