In a departure from the norm, Wrong But Useful tries its first panel game. In a completely original format, our intrepid podcasters trade lies in a panel game entitled Spoof My Proof.

On Colin’s team: @christianp (Christian Lawson-Perfect) and @dragon_dodo (Dominika Vasilkova)

On Dave’s team: @realityminus3 (Elizabeth A. Williams) and @njj4 (Nicholas Jackson).

@peterrowlett, the Miles Jupp of MathsJam, hosts.

Many thanks to @johndavidread (John Read) and @stecks (Katie Steckles) for recording assistance, and to @colinthemathmo (Colin Wright) for giving his blessing to record – and for running another brilliant Big MathsJam.

Show notes:

In the final round, Dominika holds up a piece of paper. On it is this: Dominika's theorem (final round)

The unedited audio is available here.