It’s time for the @BigMathsJam Wrong, But Useful!

  • @stecks (Katie Steckles): Brouwer’s Fixed Point Theorem: “they said it’s a theorem, so I’ve got to believe it.” Mentions @jamesgrime.
  • @christianp (Christian Lawson-Perfect): ordering cards to generate a fractal sequence.
  • @peterrowlett (Peter Rowlett): transforming numbers problems into graphs. Mentions @alexcorner and @wtgowers. The puzzle is stated here and the discussion thread is here.
  • @dragon_dodo (Dominika Vasilkova): the Weierstrass function
  • @scroggs (Matthew Scroggs): @oddsandevens’s fractional origami.
  • Yuen Ng: Miscancelling fractions
  • @pecnut (Adam Townsend): @astrastefania’s redesign of the the musical stave.
  • @smokeyfurby and his handler (Belgin) enjoyed @samhartburn’s cake, based on @becky_k_warren’s Big Math-Off entry - scroll down!
  • @njj4 (Nicholas Jackson): A bit about Émilie du Châtelet.
  • Adam Atkinson: On randomly-moving knights.

* edited 2019-12-08 to add links.