In this month’s WBU spectacular:

  • Big MathsJam is coming up - book quickly!
  • The Relatively Prime Series 2 Kickstarter closes today. Donate quickly!
  • Dave’s got a chapter in a book - order quickly!
  • Colin sails into the wind (virtually)
  • Dave’s moving house over half term: what maths are the movers doing?
  • When will the first two-hour marathon be run? (Dave says the world record is currently 2:02:55, although it’s actually 2:02:57).
  • @chrishazell72 got the last puzzle:

    WBUPuzzle solution: Alphabetically Begin Counting - Disregard Eight Forwards, Gale

  • This month’s puzzle: Show that $n^4 + 4$ is not prime for integer $n \ge 2$
  • What Dave Would Like To Know More About: shuffling