Recorded LIVE at Big MathsJam

Apologies for the variable sound quality in this episode; the problems of recording live.

  • The Wrong, But Useful tag team are joined by @peterrowlett (Peter Rowlett)
  • Colin concedes that Dave’s talk was quite clever
  • Dave mentions the 1, 3, 2, 6 sequence (a talk by Ross Atkins)
  • Peter lists some of the games @NoelAnn (Noel-Ann Bradshaw) mentioned: Match Dots, Red Donkey (which Dave recommends against), Hex, Flow, Unblock Me, Quell, and Circle The Dots. Colin metions Sumico, in which he’s just aced level 11.
  • @MB_Whitworth (Martin Whitworth) talked on the X-ray tomography of the inside of a cake
  • The Competition Competition, in which Peter is upset that the rules aren’t being followed strictly enough.
  • Noel France has a sequence 1, 2, 4, 6, 16, 12, 24… (spoilers here)
  • Peter’s talk was about the Maths Arcade and calls for suggestions of Nim-like games and noughts-and-crosses-like games (if you know of any, leave them in the comments.) He mentions Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe, Cookie Monster, 15, and @sxpmaths (Stuart Price)’s version of it; Odd-Even Nim is also interesting (to us). Colin mentions Abs-trac-toe, and Dave mentions Zombie Dice.
  • Peter, of course, co-hosts the second-best maths podcast: Taking Maths Further.
  • Then there’s a piano fill…
  • Colin talks to @dragon_dodo (Dominika Vasilkova), @KathrynHTaylor (Kathryn Taylor) and @outofthenorm2 (Alistair Bird) about what they’ve enjoyed on Day 1
  • Alistair sucks up to Dave and also liked the 1, 2, 4, 6 sequence - which is @christianp’s favourite, of course.
  • Kathryn likes the Mega Menger - a 2.7 dimensional fractal being made out of cardboard.
  • Dominika loved the non-right-angled right-angle, and correctly dismisses Dave’s talk for being statistics.
  • Another piano fill…
  • Then Colin talks to @sparksmaths (Ben Sparks), who’s enjoyed the community aspect of MathsJam
  • Ben has been co-ordinating the Bath bit of the Mega Menger project (which is what his talk was about).
  • Colin attempts a joke about spheres that Ben either misses or ignores.
  • No puzzle this month! You’ll have to wait until episode 21.