In the first full-length podcast of 2015…

  • Dave decides he’s not talking to me, which would make for another short one, if he meant it
  • The number of the podcast: 3003, because of Singmaster’s conjecture
  • @sherriburroughs (Sherri Burroughs in real life) asks: how can maths lovers promote the love of maths to all ages? … and we answer
  • I’ve just finished reading Innumeracy by @johnallenpaulos (John Allen Paulos in real life)
  • @solvemymaths (whose real name is unknown) wants to know about the names of unusual shapes like these silly ones
  • Dave buys a book with a book token
  • Talking of books: I announce that I’m writing A-level Maths For Dummies (which you might have known about) and the Maths Bible (which is the second #secretproject)
  • We rant about exams a bit, then go back to trapeziums
  • The last puzzle was @solvemymaths’s semicircle thing: gold stars to @srcav (Cav) and @notonlyahatrack (Will)
  • This month’s puzzle, nicely LaTexed: solve $\sqrt{a^a}=\sqrt[a]{a}$ for $a$