In Episode $n$ of Wrong, But Useful (where $n$ is a semiprime followed by two semiprimes and a square), @reflectivemaths and I discuss:

  • Colin’s trip to Center Parcs and whether it is sufficiently central
  • The number of the podcast, which is the tetrahedral angle, $\arccos\left(\frac{1}{3}\right)$
  • The Other Half podcast
  • Our take on Relatively Prime (Colin wrote up a series of reviews for The Aperiodical)
  • Colin’s guest appearance on Almost Eduational, talking about zero, in which he mentions his forthcoming books, Cracking Mathematics and AS- and A-Level Maths For Dummies
  • Dave’s post expanding on Colin’s Zombie post
  • Dave has bought a book and not read it; Colin bought another book and gave it to his mum.
  • Dave has a bee in his bonnet about ice cubes. Colin is talking at Maths In Action in London on March 7th and 16th, along with some REALLY good speakers.
  • Gold star for @dragon_dodo for the only correct answer to Episode 31’s puzzle: the ISS would be about 1cm from the surface of a football-sized Earth.
  • This month’s puzzle, via @ajmagicmessage: there are four hymns sung every Sunday at the church, numbered between 1 and 700. If you can use 6 and 9 interchangeably, how many cards do you need to make sure you can write down any combination of four hymns?

See you next time!

* Apologies for poor audio quality on this episode. This was due to a setup error at Colin’s end.